One of SOG’s founding and core principles is to have a distinct firm culture based on excellence, strong partner involvement in every matter, and a pragmatic approach to the practice of law, while always maintaining the highest ethical standards. Our firm culture enables our lawyers to carve out their own niches and develop expertise in emerging industries and new areas of the law.

A System Defined by Excellence

We have rigorously implemented a business management model similar to that of some of the most prominent U.S. and U.K. law firms.  This proven, successful, century-old system was invented to produce great lawyers who are equipped to deliver the highest possible quality legal work.

At SOG, we maintain a ratio of associates to partners significantly below that of other firms.  Every client is guaranteed hands-on partner involvement.  This allows our associates to work with partners directly, take on more substantial responsibilities from the moment they come on board and have a chance to contribute and develop from very early on.

Democratic Governance

The organization and governance of the firm emphasize democratic, participatory and egalitarian principles.  Partner meetings are held on a weekly basis.  Rather than running our firm as a hierarchy, all major decisions, including the election of new partners, are reached by consensus, with each partner having one vote.  SOG does not have salary partners or a tiered partnership.  We strongly believe in an equal and general partnership where every partner has full equity.

The founders’ commitment to democratic firm governance comes from their experience and recognition that the good ideas, creativity and insight know no seniority.  At SOG, we believe in listening to each other and harnessing our collaborative thought to find the most creative legal solutions to our clients’ complex and unique problems.

Indispensability and Teamwork

At SOG, we have gone to great lengths to ensure that our lawyers work as one cohesive team on all matters.  We strongly believe that encouraging people to forge relationships across the firm and its various practice groups leads to significantly better results and work satisfaction.  Our democratic governance fosters a culture in which teamwork and putting the interests of our clients first are paramount.

We are a firm where the contribution of every lawyer is respected and the most junior associate has the best legal training and professional mentoring from the moment they join the firm.  At SOG, we strongly believe that by encouraging people to forge relationships across the firm and its various practice groups, this leads to significantly better results and work satisfaction. We are firmly committed to a philosophy in which each associate is valued, given clear prominence in front of clients and on the market, and is not considered dispensable.   In that regard, SOG was founded with the aim of being a reputable and team-driven organization that should stand the test of time, and in which every junior associate can expect to make partner, equal among peers.  The indispensability of our people and team is reflected precisely in the fact that we guarantee them a clear and equitable career path and future within the firm.

At SOG, we use a team-based hiring approach where several lawyers of different seniority interview candidates.  Apart from merits, we seek in an interviewee traits that fit our culture, including whether this was someone people were going to like.  SOG is committed to not only being an exceptional law firm, but also a place people feel passionate about working at.

Our goal is to not only turn our associates into exceptional lawyers, but also to manage to retain as many of them as possible.  One of SOG’s core beliefs is to recruit good people, train them ourselves, and keep most of our top talent for the long run.

Organic Growth

SOG is strongly committed to organic growth.  We hire only the top students from the finest regional and foreign law schools and entrust their training only to ourselves.  SOG seeks lawyers with strong focus, intellectual curiosity and devotion to excellence in the practice of law.  The firm’s objective is to have future partners coming primarily from the ranks of our own associates.

Our goal is not to be the largest firm by number of offices, lawyers or practice groups but rather create and nurture a very distinct culture that will continue to deliver exceptional results.  We are first and foremost focused on providing seamless service to our clients.

At SOG, we believe that a true and equal general partnership of the finest trained lawyers is the single, most important element in ensuring that we are optimally aligned to deal with our clients’ most demanding legal issues, largest corporate transactions and most serious disputes.

Pro Bono

Public service and giving back to the community together occupy a central position in our culture and the way we perceive the legal profession.  Pro bono work allows our lawyers’ to apply and strengthen their talents in a wide range of areas of law representing individuals and organizations of limited means in a variety of matters.

We encourage our lawyers, associates and summer associates to dedicate themselves to improve the community and help people in need by selecting his/her own pro bono activities.